Simple Truth Mega Mission – Gluten Free Fusilli Product Review

Simple Truth Pasta

One of the free items I received for this Simple Truth  MyMagazine Sharing Network mission was a box of Simple Truth Gluten Free Fusilli.

Simple Truth Pasta I didn’t have high hopes going into this. I have yet to really find a gluten-free product (aside from products that never had gluten in them to begin with) that I have really enjoyed.

For that reason, I decided to just keep it simple (see what I did there?) and just cook the pasta and top it with some store-bought sauce, so that if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be wasting a lot of expensive ingredients.

I cooked the pasta according to package directions and decided to give it a taste before I used my expensive jarred pasta sauce (I don’t do Prego and such) on it.

The flavor was pretty good, but I didn’t like the texture at all. It wasn’t as gummy as some gluten-free pastas I have tried, but it was still a bit gummy. Perhaps it needed to be cooked differently or maybe that’s just how it is, I’m not sure. I decided I wasn’t interested in eating it.

If I had a gluten allergy or celiac disease, I would definitely consider this as an option, if I were determined to have some kind of pasta, but as a person with no issues with gluten, it’s not a product I would purchase.

I have tried several varieties of Simple Truth’s non-gluten free pastas and found them to be excellent and very comparable to Barilla, which has been my go-to brand for dry pasta.