Ripple Non-Dairy Milk – Product Review

I got a coupon for a free Ripple non-dairy milk from MyMagazine Sharing Network.

I previously reviewed Ripple’s non-dairy yogurt, and I didn’t like it. I’m happy to report that the results were better for Ripple’s pea protein based milk.

I decided to go with the chocolate flavored milk and I enjoyed it in a couple different ways.

RippleI like to have a few Oreo cookies as a daily treat, so I decided to try dunking my cookies in the Ripple milk. I found the milk to have a pretty similar flavor to other chocolate flavored non-dairy milks I have tried, but the consistency is a bit thicker and I found it to have a more satisfying texture than many nut milks that sometimes tend to be a bit watery. It also soaked into the cookie nicely.

Next, I blended together a bit of the Ripple milk with some So Delicious vanilla bean Shake Ingridentscoconut ice cream, a bit of cocoa powder and some iced coffee to make a mocha chocolate shake. The coffee and the chocolate mixed together perfectly to create a very tasty shake and the thickness of the Ripple milk helped to make this drink more shake like than some I’ve made with other non-dairy milks.

I was so pleased with this product, I have already purchased a second bottle, this time the plain variety, and it works great for cereal and for dunking Oreos. I look forward to trying it out in some of my savory cooking in the future.

I highly recommend giving this milk a try.


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